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More Great Escape of LaCrosse Customers
More Great Escape of LaCrosse Customers
More Great Escape of LaCrosse Customers
Search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot your Great Escape. It is a hybrid of a scavenger hunt and a puzzle game. The trial is timed and teamwork is essential. Success, failure and bonding are inevitable – escape is not! When the hour is up you will be guaranteed laughter, a sense of accomplishment, a new respect for your teammates, and, of course, a group photo. This is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime – assuming you get out!

Are you ready to escape?

Area 51


Strange lights were sighted over Roswell, New Mexico. Increased military activity can be seen all over. No one is really talking and you only hear rumors. It’s the same thing over and over again, “they found aliens”. Your group has infiltrated Area 51, the top secret military installation. Now that you made it in you begin to investigate, when the door locks behind you! Can you solve the mystery of Area 51 to get out before the military returns…and you are never seen again?!?!

4 person Minimum 8 Player Max with no room discounts available at this time.

The Tunnels Beneath


According to local lore there are long forgotten century old tunnels hidden beneath the city. Stories are passed from one generation to the next about how to find them and what they may contain… gangsters loot, hidden treasure, or maybe nothing at all? With a little luck, you’ve stumbled across an entrance and you’re about to find out… if you escape before your air runs out! 3-6 Players (We will allow up to 8, BUT it a little smaller than some of our other rooms)

Through the Looking Glass


A step through the looking glass and you find yourself in a magical world that seems…almost familiar. You soon realize it is far from the world you know and the way you came in, is most definitely not the way out. Moving forward is the only way to escape the whimsical world. Are you ready…to step through the looking glass?
3-6 Players (3-6 is ideal. Unless players are children, then 8 works perfect).
With all new….everything take a stroll into the long awaited sequel to our original Mad Hatter room, which was extremely loved by all that played it. (Nothing seen within Mad Hatter will be seen within Through The Looking Glass). 🙂

The Tunnels Beneath


Your dear friend James works as the local Museum Curator. During his travels searching for hidden treasures, James has made many discoveries and just as many enemies. 5 days ago, he disappeared, but not before getting word to you about his latest discovery. He is leaving what you must assume is a priceless relic, to you…. if you can find it. Within the walls of his office is hidden all you will need, but can you find it before your time runs out?

*This room has a strict 3-4 person game, with no discounting available at this time

Team Building

How will The Great Escape of LaCrosse benefit your team

Escape Rooms

Search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot your Great Escape.

Axe Throwing

Channel your inner lumberjack and experience this unique sport. Now Open in Downtown LaCrosse.

Team Building

How will The Great Escape of LaCrosse benefit your team

Escape Rooms

Search for hidden compartments, secret passageways, and clues to plot your Great Escape.

Axe Throwing

Channel your inner lumberjack and experience this unique sport. Now open in Downtown LaCrosse.

Don't take our word for it. Check out what people have said about The Great Escape of Lacrosse.



4.9 out of 5 Stars

  • 5 star ratingAwesome time! My husband and I took our college aged kids and had a great time. We didn’t know what to expect and when it was over we wanted to try another room immediately. We will make this an annual night out when the kids are home from school.

  • 5 star ratingWonderful experience! My family and I went to The Great Escape over graduation weekend, and we had a great time! It was a great way to spend an hour of our afternoon! Would definitely return in the future!

  • 5 star ratingAmazing, Challenging and FUN! We had a small group from work that did this for part of our holiday party, can't say enough about it. You can't lose going to this place, it is as and a team building experience. It's an intense hour, we did Area 51. I would highly recommend, we will be going back again!

    Kim B
  • 5 star ratingSo much fun We had so much fun. I have done three rooms now and each one is different. If your looking for an activity to get together with family or friends then I highly recommend The great escape. Fun for everyone. Staff was great, place was great. Everything was great.

  • 5 star ratingKeep coming back The great escape of La Crosse on 4th st is a fantastic escape room. I always feel challenged in the rooms and never feel like it's an easy escape. My favorite room so far is the area 51 room! It isn't a linear challenge, but a multilayered puzzle that takes a great team to escape. I know I'll keep coming back. The owner is fantastic and an involved individual in the community. His axe throwing bar down the street is a must visit after an hour locked up in a room!

    Bert M
  • 5 star ratingLots of fun! It was an awesome time! Made it out of the room (Area 51) with one minute left! We will be back again!

  • 5 star ratingGreat clues, great people! We had a BLAST! 4 people who had never done an Escape room and 3 "veterans" all were pushed to the limit and cooperated in the event. The staff are fun and funny, helpful but not too much :); lots of free nearby parking, easy to locate, clean and good website.

    Cheri O
  • 5 star ratingFamily Christmas Present I took my kids and their significant others to the Great Escape for christmas instead of exchanging gifts. This was an amazing time and I would for sure do it again. It was way better than exchanging gifts.

    Christine M
  • 5 star ratingGreat time my group had a great time. it was a great way to find out how others thoughts process. Definitely need to be observant and willing to follow the directions of the hints otherwise it will delay your process.

    Stacey S
  • 5 star ratingLoved the GREAT ESCAPE!!! Very well done! Challenging and the perfect amount of clues!!! We had a fun time, were celebrating a birthday! What Fun!

  • 5 star ratingGreat for Large Groups We had a large group (25 people) and they made it work perfectly. We split into the different rooms so no one was crowded, and everyone enjoyed their time. The staff was more than accommodating and everyone was able to escape just in time. I'd highly recommend them for any large group training with staff or friends!

  • 5 star ratingExcellent Family Fun This was our second time we booked an escape room with The Great Escape of La Crosse. It was total family entertainment and an absolute blast. We have experienced both the Lost Relic and Mad Hatter. Both were excellent.

    We immediately booked a second visit for the following weekend. The staff is wonderful and very professional. Can’t wait to return.

  • 5 star ratingTeam Bonding I organized a team bonding night for work. The employees worked with our schedule and made the whole process very easy. We did the Tunnels Beneath room and it was fantastic. It was intricate and interesting and held the attention of our whole adult group for the full hour. Will definitely be using this place again.


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